Kasimdzhanov Jumps 22 rating spots
Gonna fly now.. flying high now... gonna fly fly fly

1/5/2005 - FIDE latest rating charts shows Rustam Kasimdzhanov leaping 22 locations from the 47 spot to the 25 spot. Rustam gained 28 rating points and is now rated 2678.  Rustam is showing that his august 2004 FIDE KO win was no fluke. The KO champion is clearly a player on the rise.

      Rustam "Rocky" Kasimdzhanov is getting ready for his upcoming match against Garry "Apollo Creed" Kasparov. This match hopefully will take place in Turkey in April of 2005. Chess and boxing have much in common. They are both mano-a-mano contests and both are played on a 4 cornered ring. This huge jump in ratings tells us that Rustam "Rocky" Kasimdzhanov is getting up early and eating his raw eggs and doing his road work. I envision him doing those one handed chess push ups.

     I hope Garry "Apollo Creed" Kasparov is watching and doesn't take Rustam lightly. Kasparov is busy with many outside issues. Kasparov has been busy with his new book series called MY Great Predecessors. He is also deeply involved with Russian politics. 

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