Worlds Collide at round 6 in Linares

    Worlds collide when Mr. Number-1 and Mr. Number-2 go toe to toe. That is exactly what happened in Linares round 6. Kasparov takes a ride on the Indian Express. It was the Beast of Baku vs. the Indian Tiger. From the white side of the board, Anand, the 2nd rated player in the world, took on Garry Kasparov, the number one player. Unfortunately these players have not met too many times in recent years. This encounter did not disappoint. 

     Kasparov, who has not lost to Anand since 1998, played the Sveshnikov. It proved to be a very risky strategy against Anand. As he so often does,  Anand  got a nice game and what appeared to be a winning position. However Kasparov proved to be up to the defensive task. He showed he had nerves of steel and came up with an ingenious perpetual check defense in time trouble. You got to be a cool customer to fight off Anand, who was one move away from queening a pawn. After 6 rounds of fighting chess, Kasparov leads Linares by half a point over Anand. 

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Leko's goal line stand
Linares 2005 table setter 
Anand's last victory over Kasparov - 1998
Kasparov's last victory over Anand - Linares 2003. 
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