Martians land in San Diego

3/5/2006 - 
   While following the broadcast of the US Championship on the ICC web cam, I head the distinct, but unmistakable sound of Martian supplies ship landing in the background. The players and fans seem oblivious to this background noise, but thatís because they are not trained UFOologists. 

    This isnít the first time that Martians have landed on earth. The last time they landed was on October 30th, 1938. Orson Wells did a live news broadcast of that invasion. He was later discredited and forced to admit, against his will, that his broadcast was a hoax. However that was not the case. In order to prevent wide scale panic, the US government engaged in a massive, wide scale cover up.

   The initial invasion was in New Jersey, but since then, the Martian task force has set up shop in San Diego, California. They are now currently being resupplied around the clock. I will keep you all posted on this story as events occur. However, I must be very careful. But lets get back to chess now. 

 Youíre not going to believe this next story. It is so outlandish, that had I not followed the games on ICC, I wouldnít have believed it either. But here it goes. After three rounds of the US Championship, the defending champion, Hikaru Nakamura, has a .5 out of 3 score. And he hasnít even played any GMís yet. The defending champion has lost two games and drawn one. He hasnít won a single game. This is absolutely unbelievable. Below is his third round loss to WGM Camilla Baginskaite.  

 Round 3
Camilla Baginskaite vs. Hikaru Nakamura
Was the Prague Agreement an April fools joke?

US Championship
Hikaru Nakamura