The King abdicates his Throne

                The king abdicates his throne.  I consider Magnus' views an abdication of his throne.  I am guessing Magnus is tired of defending his title.  I think we are seeing Magnusí fatigue.   I can understand his feelings, he defending it too many times in a short period of time,  3 matches in 4 years is way too much. We need to let Magnus enjoy his title. Fide should use Magnus to promote the game around the world. He is the chess worldís leading diplomat. He should only defend his title once every three years. We should return the format designed in the late 60ís. During that period there were zonal, inter-zonal tournaments followed by small candidate matches and culminating into a world championship match.  Magnus assertion that world champions have special privilege and every one should have a chance to be world champion is wrong and harmful to the world championship process. True word champion privilege is well earned.  However, if the world champions rests on that privilege they will be unprepared to defend their title.  World Champions Boris Spassky Vladimir Kramnik, and Vishy Anand, all lost their titles because they let their talent decline.   A world championís value is based on the road taken to get there and the values of the prior champions.  Not anyone can be world champion, world champions must be the best of their kind.  The end result of the world championship process is to match the best vs the best of the rest.  The major issues with the Fide Knockout Tournaments are that it does not always produce the best player.  There are major issues with this type of process: 1)   collusion of players who team up against other players 2) end result could be determined by a thrown match. 3) You donít have to defeat the best players.  4) Most important you donít always get a champion worthy of  being in  the class of Steinitz ,  Lasker,  Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian,  Spassky,  Fischer,  Karpov,  Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand , Carlsen.   My advice to Magnus is ďdonít rest on your well-earned special privilege and make sure YOUR successor is worthy of replacing you.



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