Kasimdzhanov coming to the US

5/18/2005 -

    Accoona is hosting another fine chess event in the US. This time they are bringing current FIDE KO champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov to the US to face Accoona's Al Toolbar chess program. This exciting  man vs. silicon beast match will take place on June 21st at Time Square in New York City.

    It's great to see Accoona promoting the game of chess in the United States and especially promoting the game in New York City. It's great to see some of the international stars coming to the United States to play chess. Accoona recently launched its innovated search engine and has used chess as a tool to help market it.

    Rustam Kasimdzhanov burst on to the scene back in August of 2004, when he won the Libya KO in smashing style. He defeated all the top seeds to take the KO championship. Recently, Rustam rating has soured, he jumped 25 rating spots. However,  Kasimdzhanov had a tough Linares and finished tied for last place in a very tough field consisting of Kasparov, Anand, Leko, Topalov, Adams and Vallejo Pons. This man vs. machine match could be just what Rustam needs to jump start his career. He will have a difficult task, these silicon beasts are unforgiving and tough to beat. What makes this match especially difficult is that Al Toolbar is an unknown quantity. Back in 1997, Garry Kasparov got ambushed by an unknown called Deeper Blue. But Rustam knows what these fined tuned silicon beasts can do. One thing is certain, Al Toolbar better have all its transistors lined up, if it wants to defeat the FIDE KO champion. Stay tuned for Hangin the Greeks keys to victory.  

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