Is Hangin insane ?
Cheerful Charlie has returned 

7/24/2004 - Here is another E-mail I got from Charlie. He responds to my first reply.

I don't want to hurt your feelings but for all humans the intellectual mind
is insane. and you have dived right back into your insane mind. you have
missed the entire point entirely.

the Romans fought to the death. they wanted a winner and a loser. Chess
is not about fighting a wonderful game to a draw. it is about deciding
who is the better chess player. the winner is better than the loser. it
is NOT about admiring the game it is about winning.

sorry hangin but you are stuck in your own mind. you simply repeated what
you had said before and did not consider what I was trying to say.
Staying with the draws. justifying the draw as you did will only keep the
game stuck. all the intellectual justification of the draw just keeps the
world stuck in the same problem. if you want to solve the problem of the
draws get rid of it.

you do not solve the problem of the draws by keeping the draw and
justifying it.

Learn to think clearly. why not. chess is about thinking clearly.

under no draw rules when the 2 people meet they fight to the death. one
will live and one will die. are you saying that the roman games of life
and death were boring to the fans. I think not. You claim that the draw
is exciting. but all the world is saying the draw is BORING. and your
solution to the BORING DRAW PROBLEM is double speak. it is like our
government. you sit there and say the solution to boring draws is
exciting draws. haha. INSANE HANGIN. INSANE.

the solution to any problem is to go to the heart of the problem and change
it. the heart of the problem is boring draws. the solution is no draws.
fight to the death. one winner and one loser always.




 Hangin's take:

  Hi, Charlie, thanks for the email. Thank God I am not an intellectual. You might be on to something. Come to think of it, I think you are right. Dam it, you are right.       I am insane. But I think your pathology runs far deeper.  I hope you been watching Dortmund and Biel because we had some great fighting draws during these tournaments. The good thing about playing chess is that it's not a fight to the death. You can engage in combat and if you lose, you can simply switch sides and play again. Bobby Fischer said it best: "that's chess, you know. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you a lesson."

  Charlie, You are still wrong about the draw. You should check out the following game at Biel, Ponomariov vs. Morozevich. It's a great battle between two rising stars of the chess world. Both players deserve a lot of credit for fighting this one out for 94 moves. Charlie, if you have the time, give me your views on Tic - Tac - Toe. I hope we never meet in person, I am not interested in fighting to the death. I will if I have to.  Charlie you might want to try electro shock therapy, but only under doctors supervision.


 Ponomariov vs. Morozevich Biel round 4.