2004 Queening Award 

GM Magnus Carlsen

     In 2002, Magnus finished in 2nd place at the Crete youth championship in Greece. In April of 2004, Magnus earned his final GM norm.  At 13 years of age, this Norwegian became the 2nd youngest GM in history. This past year, Magnus has defeated  GM Alexi Shirov and GM Nigel Short. Magnus also added one world champion scale to his belt, when he defeated 12th World Anatoly Karpov in a blitz game.

     Recently, Magnus also took on Garry Kasparov in a rapid match. Magus had a winning position against the 13th World Champion. However due to time trouble, Magnus could not put the number one rated player  away. Garry Kasparov paid Magnus the biggest compliment, when he said the kid knows how to win. Manus Carlsen's other interests are playing football, skiing, and ski jumping.

   This reporter would like to see Magnus Carlsen add more world champion scalps to his belt.
Magnus' 2004 tournament high lights 
1) First place in Sigeman Tournament
2) First place at Corus C-Section


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