2003 Queening Award

GM  Sergey Karjakin

    In 2002 this young Ukrainian player became the youngest GM ever at 12 years and 7 months of age.  His accomplishments over the past year are as follows:

 *) 11/2002, he finished in 5th place at Benidorm, behind  Polgar,  Ponomariov Shirov, and Karpov. He had a nice win against Shirov.

 *) 2/2003, he defeated GM Alexandra Kosteniuk in a match by a score of 4-2

 *) 6/2003, he was eliminate at the Ciudad de Leon by Topalov by a score of 2.5-1.5. However Sergey was able to defeat Topalov in a game. 

*) 11/2003 at Benidorm, he again finished fifth behind Veselin Topalov, Anand,  Radjabov, and Vallejos Pons. 

Sergey is rated 2566. He believes he will be world champion by age 16. He also likes to play table tennis. He is in good company, because World Champion Alexander Alekhine was also a big fan of table tennis. 


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