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980 - Here is a story from www.chessbase.com
A new plan for unification
16.05.2004 The man behind the Prague Agreement for the unification of the world chess championship title, Yasser Seirawan, recently told us about the background of its failure. He was subsequently criticized by Kasparov, and today replies with a new constructive proposal to resolve the mess in the chess world. Read about it in this open letter to Garry Kasparov.

5/18/2004 - Here is Hangin's take - Hangin's letter to Alex Baburin 

981 - Here's a story from www.chessbase.com
Anand wins third Chess Oscar
08.05.2004 After 1997 and 1998 Indian Super-GM Vishy Anand has won the Chess Oscar for the third time. A worldwide poll involving leading chess writers, critics and journalists from over 50 countries, and conducted by Russian magazine 64, Put Anand ahead of his nearest rival by over 1500 points. Here's a pictorial report...

5/18/2004 - Hangin's take - Anand wins his third chess Oscar.

982 - Here is a story from WWW.Chessbase.com 
FIDE ratings – Anand in place two
05.04.2004 It's been a while, but Indian superstar Vishy Anand has regained place two in the world rankings. Anand gained eight points and Kramnik lost 13 to switch places. Perennial Garry Kasparov lost 14 points but still remains at the top, 43 points ahead of Anand. Here's a list of the top 100.

4/9/2004 - Hangin's take - Anand Jumps into the 2nd spot in FIDE ratings

983  Here is a story from WWW.Chessbase.com

  Ruslan Ponomariov's Open Letter to the ACP
07.04.2004 "I am not trying to hold on to my title whatever it takes," writes the still-reigning FIDE champion, "but I can’t put up with the absolute dictatorship of FIDE. I am ready to defend my title on the conditions that were clearly set at the time I won it." He also attacks Garry Kasparov for the "exclusive privileges" he has received. Here's the letter and relevant links...

4/8/2004 - Hangin's take - Ponomariov's letter to ACP

984  Here is a story from www.chessbase.com:
Gata Kamsky for President of FIDE?!
22.03.2004 Check the date, it is not April first. But chess gadfly Sam Sloan is reporting that the reclusive chess genius, FIDE world championship finalist and once number three in the world, is about to mount a bid to become FIDE president. We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the report, but Sloan does supply some fascinating information on Gata Kamsky today.

4/7/2004 - Hangin's take : Gata for FIDE President

986 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com : FIDE World Championship Headed to Libya?
13.02.2004 We joked about it, but it looks like it may be no joke. A website quotes the Russian news agency Novosti in this report saying that the next FIDE world championship will be held in Tripoli under the auspices of Muammar Qaddafi (spelling of your choice). The supposedly reformed terror sponsor is said to have pledged 1.6 million dollars, as announced at an Ilyumzhinov press conference in Libya. We are awaiting confirmation and details from FIDE.

 2/17/2004 - Hangin's take: Looking for love in all the wrong places.

985 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com
Breaking news: Kramnik vs. Leko in September
28.01.2004 The Swiss tobacco company Dannemann has just announced that the Classical Chess World Championship between Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko will be staged from September 25 to October 18, at a still to be disclosed location. Here are first details...


2/2/2004 - Hangin's take : Kramnik vs. Leko a world championship

 987 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com

Kasparov vs. the Kremlin
21.01.2004 In the last election the party backed by President Vladimir Putin won more than 300 seats in the 450-seat Duma. Now a group of leading Russian liberals, including world chess number one Garry Kasparov, have set up a committee with the stated purpose of working for fair elections – in 2008.


 1/28/2004 - Hangin's take : Kasparov for President

988 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com
Kasparov vs. the Kremlin
21.01.2004 In the last election the party backed by President Vladimir Putin won more than 300 seats in the 450-seat Duma. Now a group of leading Russian liberals, including world chess number one Garry Kasparov, have set up a committee with the stated purpose of working for fair elections – in 2008.

1/28/2004 - Hangin's take Kasparov for President

989 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com
'Hopefully I can also beat Kasparov'
09.01.2004 Vishy Anand, India's top chess player, number three in the world, has given the Indian Express an extensive interview. He talks about his name (where did "Vishy" come from?), his happiest moments, his ambitions, the influence of computers, what it feels like to be a "veteran" at 34. Here are excerpts from the interview telecast on NDTV’s Walk the Talk...

1/18/2004 Hangin's take: Lets Make Anand Proud

990 Here is a story from www.telegraphindia.com/1031221/asp/sports/story_2702885.asp  

 I found it on chess watch : www.chessclub.com/chesswatch 

  I am quoting Anand here “About 80 per cent of total chess in the world at this moment is rapid. It’s strange that points gained from this format are not considered in the ELO list. I think these points should be included, maybe with a difference in weightage. Chess has to deal with this.”


12/30/2003 - Hangin's take:

   Anand has an interesting point, but lets not dilute classical chess any further. We have already seen a degradation of the game in terms of : 

    1)  the process for the FIDE World Chess Championship - No more Man who beat the Man who beat the Man.
    2) FIDE Knockout is being decided in a lot of cases by blitz play.
    3) Classical time controls have been reduced.
  Lets not dilute the rating system as well. However  it is an interesting idea. I think FIDE should have 4 rating systems.
     1) Blitz
     2) Rapid
     3) Classical 
     4) Composite of  the first three. 

 They should be listed separately.

 Anand also said he is trying to win more with black, That's great to hear, hopefully more players will follow his example.

     I would like to congratulate Anand for winning the  World Rapid Chess Championship. He defeated current Classical Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik in the final at the Cap d'Agde during October of 2003.  We can only hope that Anand gets a real shot at the classical world championship. In his last challenge for the real chess world championship, he was defeated by Kasparov in 1995 by a score of 10.5 - 7.5.  At 34 years of age, Anand is hitting his chess peak right now.  Maybe FIDE should consider  Anand as Ponomariov's replacement.


 Here is another story. Hangin just thought it up. 12/26/2003 -
Where have you gone Max Euwe? Our chess nation turns its lonely eyes towards you.

991  Here is a story from www.chessbase.com

the FIDE World Championship plan
24.12.2003 The World Chess Federation has published its rules for its next world championship cycle, consisting of qualifiers in four continents, a 128-player knock-out tournament and the winner will play against Garry Kasparov. The winner of that match then faces the winner of Kramnik vs. Leko (if this is staged). The first leg will be held before July 1st 2004. Here are the details.

12/24/2003 - Hangin's take on this : click here,  this needs a whole frame.

992  Here is a story from www.chessbase.com

Mig on Chess #198: The Readers Write to Santa
24.12.2003 This is the time for the spirit of giving, but it turns out many of our readers are far more interesting in the spirit of getting. When we asked them for their chess Christmas lists to pass on to Santa, little did we know we'd be requisitioning everything from brain implants to birth control devices to Chessbase software. Well, we expected the software. Let's hope Santa has turbo-charged his sleigh. Here's  what you asked for .

12/24/2003 -  MIG's plug of the 2003 Hillsborough Protocol. You got to believe !!

993 Here is a story from      www.chessbase.com


Joel Lautier, frankly speaking - 
18.12.2003 After the GMA and PCA it's now the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) that is trying to improve the lot of professional chess players. Founding member Joel Lautier speaks out extensively on the goals and aspirations of the new organisation. The top French GM is highly critical of FIDE, but does not see the ACP taking over their role. We bring you excerpts and links.

     Joel Lauiter full interview     at    www.chessville.com

12/24/2003 - Hangin has to take another cut at this.  I quote the article here ".The list of failures by the FIDE management in the last years is truly amazing: first the considerable reduction in prizes in the World Championship knockout tournaments (from five to three million dollars"

 Hangin's take : this drop in funding could be because the two top players don't play in this tournament. How can you have a World Championship without your two top players (Kramnik, Kasparov).  Also there is too much luck and blitz chess involved for it to be a good process for a classical World Championship. Sponsors will see these major weaknesses. Top talent draws money. 

12/23/2003 - Hangin's take :
Issue 1:

ACP – is going to research defending player’s copyrights to their games. I quote a passage here:  “It is hard not to agree with Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov, when he points out how unfair it is when chess organizers, writers and other players use the fruits of his analysis and work shown in his games to earn money without paying him any tribute. This obviously holds true for any strong player’s games published without asking his permission, when his ideas and discoveries become public property.  .. For a well played game involves an act of creation that is valued by other people “.

    This is real scary, it sounds as though ACP better let the players use their mobile phones during their games, so they can call their lawyers and get approval to use last months opening novelties.  Where did Evgeny get his opening theory?  He used the fruits of other player’s analysis and work.  If ACP is interested in promoting the game of chess, this is not the way to go.  It is true that a well-played game of chess is an act of creation.
It has value. When the  media in its various forms analyze and report on the game, the player is getting paid, he/she is getting publicity.  With publicity, players get fan bases. Large fan base means higher appearance and book writing fees. So it is in the interest of the players to create great games and allow the media to report on these games without payment of tribute, by doing so you promote chess and yourself. I have several books on Bobby Fischer authored by other people. If Bobby wrote a book today about his life and games, I would buy it in an instant. When players write their own books about their games, they have so much more to offer.

Issue 2:

  Who is the legitimate World Chess Champion ?

  I addressed this already. Click here. Also Check out my 2003 Hillsborough Protocol link

Issue 3:

 Why Kasparov only has to play a final match against the FIDE Knockout winner ?

  I addressed this already. Click here 

Issue 4:

 ACP does not want to get into the mess of who owns the rights to the title

 I addressed this already. Click here

Issue 5:

 reunification is in trouble 

 I addressed this already.  Click here

Issue 6:

  The problems with reunification.

 I addressed this already. Click here 

 This article reinforces my view that simplicity is needed to save the 2003-2004 Chess World Championship. This is why we should all support the 2003 Hillsborough Protocol.

 Finally, ACP sounds like an interesting organization. I may join it. It is open to journalists.


995 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com 

David Levy on Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz
21.12.2003 "The games of the match have been thoroughly dissected and analysed by human players and computers far stronger than I am," writes computer chess guru David Levy. His impressions of the match are of a far more general nature. David talks about the openings (3.5:0.5 for Kasparov), the middlegame and the X3D environment. Levy's report and links...

12/22/2003 - Hangin's take:

   Well the match was similar to the prior Kasparov vs. machine matches. Kasparov gets an opening advantage and is occasionally able to convert to a win. His only loss was again due to a blunder in time pressure. I think it is time to change the parameters of these matches. This is a match of greatest human players in the world vs. near perfection, so lets give the human player more time to figure out a way to get by the defenses of the silicon monster. These matches appeal to me on a few levels.  On the first level seeing the Grand Master come out of the opening with an advantage and following it up with a perfect winning plan and game. Secondly seeing the Grandmaster under pressure by the silicon monster, time pressure and seeing if he/she can hold the line. In game two Kasparov could not with stand the pressure and blundered. Many experts believe that chess is a draw when played correctly. I spoke with the X3D team; X3D Fritz was looking 3.9 million positions a second. They told me that at this level doubling the number of positions a second is not buying that much more in playing strength. I think it is time for the computer programmers to modify their programs, so that the computers play more like Tal or Kasparov. Computers strength is in the middle game, they will not make tactical mistakes, and they don’t error within their chess schemas. Human players do error within their chess schemas. The computers always seek the best possible position. This is an advantage but it can also be a disadvantage when playing against humans. Kasparov says chess is a game of controlled chaos. If the computers want to dominate these matches, they should in certain instances not control the chaos, but to create more of it, even if this creates winning opportunities for the human player. When the computer start taking chances and creating complicated positions, positions that the humans will have a hard time understanding, computers  will win the lion share of these contests.  Now this means that the computers gamble, play moves that allow the human players a chance to win, provided that they can see through the complications. This will definitely bring excitement to these matches. Bottom line lets give the greatest human players more time and lets modify the silicon monsters to play more like Tal and Kasparov. This is a paradoxical approach. I am asking the human players to be more like a computer, come up with a perfect plan. I am also asking that the computers play more human like.


996 Here is a story from www.chessbase.com  

Kasparov: Russia is turning into a police state
14.12.2003 On a trip to Denmark Garry Kasparov gave a no-holds-barred interview to DR TV. "Putin was a KGB officer who believes the country needs if not a dictatorship at least a very strong hand, an iron fist," says Kasparov, who also hints that he may soon be playing "a certain role" in Russian politics himself. Here's the interview and a partial transcript.


12/21/2003 - Hangin's take:

    I can’t argue with Kasparov about Putin; he would not have been my choice to lead Russia. Kasparov is certainly in tune with the politics of his country. He predicted the fall of Communism and the break up of the Soviet Union.  Kasparov has showed great courage in speaking out and being critical of his government. Kasparov is a minority who lived in an oppressive country. In 1990 he had to flee his homeland in Baku, because of a pogrom (an organized massacre of helpless people). So he certainly knows what is at stake. The Russian people are lucky to have someone like Garry to speak out for human rights. I was disheartened to hear that Garry must content himself with just being the number one player in the world. He stated that FIDE does not have its act together. I can’t argue with that either. FIDE wants to hold a couple of knockout “grab bag” championships. The winner will face Kasparov. FIDE does not seem to be in any rush to get this process going. Kasparov, Kramnik and Leko have shown great restraint here. Chess needs a boost; it lost its AP reporter and could rebound if there was a world championship match soon.  I am all for unity in the chess world. It will be a crime, if nothing serious is in the works for a chess world championship in 2004. If you want to own the chess title, you need to do it right and hold it in a timely fashion.  Most of all you need to respect the great champions and the players fighting for the title.  I think that if FIDE does not get its act together soon, Kramnik, Kasparov and Leko should take matters into their own hands. That’s right, take matters into their own hands for the good of Chess.


997 here is a story from www.chessbase.com

Ten years in ten days – the Kasparov effect
10.12.2003 In 1993 a young teenager switched on her TV set and caught a glimpse of two men engaged in a struggle. It was the world chess championship between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short. With that began a ten-year fascination, which culminated in a ten-day visit to New York in November. Here is a very personal story by Joanne Pittaway.

12/14/2003 - Hangin's take

 Here is another person, like myself, that got into chess because of a World Chess Championship Match. I got fascinated with chess in 1972 while watching Fischer vs. Spassky on PBS with Shelby Lyman.  This is why we need to hold world championship matches on a regular basis. It brings new fans into the world of chess. It also illustrates why it is important for the World Champion and challenger to be top players, who have earned the right to fight for the title. The World Champion can be  a great ambassador to the game, but only if he or she has earned that right to be champion.  Kasparov earned the title by winning the interzonal in 1982, then he went on to defeat three top players in candidate matches: 

 1)  He defeated A Beliavsky (former USSR champion) 6.-3 in 1983

  2) He  defeated V Kortchnoi (two time challenger to the world  title)  7 - 4 in 1983

  3) He defeated V Smyslov (former World Champion) 8.5 - 4.5 in 1984

  4) He defeated A Karpov (then World Champion) 13  - 11 in 1985 to become the youngest champion ever. Kasparov held the title until the year 2000, when. he lost it to Vladimir Kramnik. 

 The championship process must be a rigorous one, where luck plays a small role. Lets return to the old style world championship process, that was used from the late 60's to 1993. But first lets get a World Championship match for 2004. 


998 here is another story from www.chessbase.com

Kramnik: ‘I know for sure that Kasparov admires me’
25.11.2003 Three years ago beat Garry Kasparov, since then the chess world has been waiting for his first title defense. In an interview with a German newspaper Vladimir Kramnik talks about his match against challenger Peter Leko ("I could have had a $2 million match against Kasparov at any time, but it is a question of principle and not money") and his role in the world of chess. Remarkable stuff.

12/14/03  Hangin's take

Kramnik says Kasparov's play borders on the edge of the bluff and it won't work any longer. I say  Kasparov's aggressive style of play gives both players chances to win. It becomes a struggle as to who can see their way through the complications first. Garry Kasparov  wins the lion share of these contests, because he is the stronger player.  I hope more players will adopt Garry Kasparov's aggressive style. It sells. It's no surprise that Kasparov is the best draw in the chess world. When computers start to imitate Kasparov's aggressive style, they will dominate the man vs. machine matches. World Champion Vladimir Kramnik has not stepped out of Kasparov's shadow because he has not followed the example set by his two predecessors. Anatoly Karpov set the example for world champions and Garry Kasparov followed it. That is they played and won a lot of tournaments. They proved they were head and shoulders above their contemporaries. I think that  Vladimir Kramnik has lost his great form he had when he defeated Garry Kasparov in Brain Games in 2000.  Half of that match, the games when Kramnik had white were very exciting. Kramnik, when playing with black, utilized the Berlin defense and was able to neutralize Kasparov's opening preparation. No doubt Kramnik won the psychological battle.  I hope Kramnik can regain his world championship form. Kramnik's defensive style of play might be another reason why he is having trouble finding sponsors for his match with Leko, another defensive specialist. Offense sells, defense does not.


999 story from  www.chessbase.com

A goodbye to chess
25.11.2003 Just when the game is starting to boom the world's oldest and largest news organization, Associated Press, has decided to cut back drastically on its chess reporting. Only big Kasparov events will be covered, and instead of trusted correspondent Robert Huntington local staff reporters will struggle to file coherent stories on a game they do not comprehend. Rob lays the blame squarely on FIDE in this open letter to the chess world.

12/14/2003 - Hangin's take : NO more take backs for FIDE

 Who can blame AP from pulling the plug. I think the best way to get AP's Robert Huntington back on the beat, is to schedule a big Kasparov event. Hmmmm, let me think. Oh, ok, lets match Kasparov vs. Leko. That's a big event. AP will cover it. Then we can get AP to cover another great event. The winner of Kasparov vs. Leko can play Vladimir Kramnik for the world championship in 2004. We expect our great Grandmasters to make good moves at the board,  we get angry when they blunder. There are no take backs in professional chess. FIDE needs be professional and  stop asking for take backs.  FIDE needs to stop hanging pieces and  make good moves.  Lets introduce the next generation of  Joanne Pittaways to the great game of chess, by scheduling a world championship in 2004. 

 12/25/2004 -