The cream rises to the Topalov


    The recent FIDE rating charts show the hard charging Veselin Topalov catching Anand for the top active-player  rating spot. The cream rises to the top and so the top players. The cream always rises to the Topalov.  Veselin started his rise during the 2004 FIDE KO in Libya. Topalov scored 8 wins out of 9 games in the first few rounds. The FIDE KO winner, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, eventually ousted him in the 2nd to last round during the rapid phase of  the match. 

  Topalov also started quickly at 2005 Corus by stunning the world champion Vladimir Kramnik in 20 short moves. This stunning victory occurred with Topalov playing from the black side of the board. Topalov was in the lead until round 10, when he blundered to Judith Polgar. Topalov hung tough and finished in third place behind Leko and Anand.

  Veselin Topalov could also be know as the last man to defeat the retiring Garry Kasparov, this victory happened during 2005 Linares. A hard charging, Topalov tied Kasparov for first place in the last round by defeating Kasparov in the last game. Kasparov took home the first prize due to tiebreakers. Veselin Topalov also defeated Adams, Kasimdzhanov and Vallejo Pons.

   Topalov finish in the middle of the pack at 2005 Amber combined, but rapid might not be his strength.  However in front of his hometown fans at Mtel in Sofia Bulgaria, Topalov defeated Anand, Kramnik, Ponomariov and Adams to take first place by a full point over Anand.  Topalov is certainly looking to pick up a Chess Oscar for his great results in 2005. Topalov is also the favorite to win the 2005 International White Knight MVP Award. With a 2788 rating, Topalov is also poised to break the 2800 plateau. Only Kramnik and Kasparov have broken that magical plateau. Topalov's recent victories over Leko, Anand, Kramnik and Kasparov proves the theory that "the cream rises to the Topalov."

  Another note worthy rating change was that the 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik continues to fall in the rating charts. Vassily Ivanchuk dropped Kramnik to the sixth rating spot, behind Kasparov, Anand, Topalov, Leko and Ivanchuk.


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