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Chess will be around until the electrons stop spinning. -  Hangin

I never became a Master because every time I see a new opening, it closes on me.  - Hangin 

Chess is like wrestling, you try tie your opponent up and then later on go for a take down. - GM John Fedorowitz 

Chess is 99 percent half tactics.  Teichmann and Yogi Berra corollary

Pin it and win it. - Unknown 

Giving Something a Leko - That's a deep think for those who didn't watch the Kramnik vs. Leko world championship match. - Hangin 


Going to Benny Hanna's - That's cooking at the board. - Hangin

Making Nakamuraesque Moves - playing  very unique, fearless, really crazy, unexpected, inhuman, computeresque moves.  - Hangin and Hikaru Nakamura

Get there fastest with the mostest.
When in doubt, be ruthless. - Zek from ICC

do unto others before they do unto you - unknown mob enforcer currently in the witness protection program.

All we have is the chess board, 32 pieces, and the truth. - Hangin

I never force mate, it's always consensual. - Hangin

Wang Hao - two factorials (!!) above whoa. Recently you've seen this as Wang who?? but this is incorrect usage of the word. Its more like Wang Hao!! - Hangin -

For Those about to Play, WE SALUTE YOU. - Hangin and AC/DC

Getting tope-a-doped - that is when a player succumbs to a Topalov like exchange sacrificed.

Getting Naka up - that is when a player succumbs to a Nakamuraesque move.


Chess Players Miranda Rights - You have the right to remain moveless, any move you make can and will be used against you on the chessboard. You may seek the advice of a GM or IM, however if you cant afford one, you will have to make the moves by yourself.

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