Charlie strikes again on the Chess World Championship

 Hangin's take: Please read the Patient's chart before evaluating.  Player is suffering from Drawitis. The major symptoms are: 
  1)  -the player exhibits strong allergic reaction to all draws 
  2)  -the most serious of the symptoms is that the patient wants to change the rules of chess to make the game more decisive and less competitive. The effect of these rule changes would reduce the fight in chess.
   I see  Charlie has stopped taking his medication and he missed his last appointment.
 This match is still in the early phases. We have seen one win in three games. That's a very good start. Kramnik has only had one white. He needed to rest after his very tough win in game one. Leko should not take big risks now, it's way to early. Leko should mix up his openings. Play e4, then d4, then c4. Keep Kramnik off balance and guessing. Leko should also look to create games with more imbalances like game one.  Leko should be looking just to get one win, then see how Kramnik responds to the loss. Kramnik has yet to lose a classical world championship game. Lets see how Kramnik responds to losing a classical world championship game.
   Kramnik was hardly the draw master in the 2000 World Championship. Kramnik with white played incredible games. He won two games and should have won another two had it not been for the heroic defense from one of the world's greatest attacking players, Garry Kasparov.
     If any one was the draw master in 2000, it was Kasparov. Garry just didn't have the energy to play his best chess. Kramnik had a lot to do with that. Kramnik, with white, pressed Kasparov all match long.  Kasparov also forgot to bring the 9th pawn to the match. But basically Kasparov was worn out after playing in the equivalent of 8 world championship matches from 1984-1995.

  Charlie we can't throw the baby out with the bath water. And we can't throw the draw away with hurting the game of chess. In order for chess to be exciting, you need two players playing for a win.

  Charlie check out these two great fighting draws from the 2000 World Championship and call me in the morning. 

      Game 4 - The Miracle
      Game 6 - Fantastic Defense

 Late breaking news, Charlie check out Game 4 of the Kramnik vs. Leko World Championship. This was an exciting draw as well. Peter Leko down a pawn, was able to save this game. That's what keeps the fight in the game. Being down material and being able to save the game. It's especially true, when being  down a pawn against the World Champion and not losing.  Peter Leko by drawing this difficult game, down a pawn, saved his world championship chances. Charlie check out Match Summary


this is the proof you have been looking for.

Krammnick held Kasparov to draws in 2000.

now he is holding Leko to draws in 2004.

Krammnick seems content to draw with white. take no chances. if Leko
errors he will take another win but otherwise Krammnick is going for the

Kramnick is up 1 game and if the match is equal after 14 games then he
wins. so Leko needs 2 wins. Krammnick will not allow Leko 2 wins.
Krammnick will just go for draws with the Petroff just like he did with
the Berlin Wall against Kasparov. Krammnick has already shown he is not
interested in a win with white. he takes the short draws again.

so the only possibility is for Leko to take some big risks and probably
more loses. this match is NOT proving who is the better player. it is a
basic chess course call Draw 101.

There is only one solution to the draw problem. it is to eliminate all
draws. to make chess a game with a winner and loser on all games. Admit
it Hangin' I am correct.

You cannot change the rules to make Krammnick play fighting chess any
other way. He has one goal to win the match. and obviously he is going
to win the match the easy way, the safe way with draws.

why bother with the match when it is over already on the first game.
Draws are not good for chess. we must stop all draws by changing the
rules so that the draw is no longer possible. All games to end with a
winner and a loser. This is the ONLY way Hangin'

Bobby Fischer saw the problem. he said the championship should be
determined by the first winner of 10 games. well FIDE tried a modified 6
win version of that and we saw the weakness in that. after going down
several games Kasparov went into a draw mode and took the match to 48
games. in the old days the 10 game win made sense because people did not
use the draw strategy. but now they do use it.

when Krammnick later plays Kasparov for the Unified title we will see
Krammnick again use the draw strategy. there is one and only one way to
stop this draw problem. it is to totally eliminate the draw from the
game. change the rules so that the draw is no longer possible. then and
only then will we get back to good exciting fighting chess.

Remember when the fans went to the colliseum to watch the gladiators fight
to the death. they did not go to watch draws. they went to see a winner
and a loser fight it out. and no draw strategy in those games. it was a
true fight to the death. the best man was the winner. and by the way.
the winning gladiator could also become famous and rich back in those

I am a chess fan. I want to see a good fight. I want to see the
elimination of the draw from the game of chess. at the lower levels of
chess at the chess club, we seldom have draws. almost all games end with
a winner and loser. so there will be very little effect on the low level
player. it is the grandmasters who love and use the draw to protect
themselves and their ratings.

I would love to see someone throw a tourneyment with the rules modified so
there were no draws. I bet it would be an exciting tourneyment.

Come on Hangin' I invite you to join the NO DRAW club. join us and become
a spokesman for the ONLY soulution to this terrible problem. You have the
power to use your internet web site to get the message out to everyone.
You can start the revolution to help save chess from a lingering death of
boring chess draws with the only possible solution.


USCF life member