They call me Dr. Hangin.

Charlie misses another exciting draw

7/26/2004 - I saw my patient Charlie. Please read Dr. Hangin case history of his patient, Charlie before proceeding. 

Charlie latest E-mail:

Dortmund is one exciting draw after another. I hope they are all draws so
you will be so happy. you just love those draws.

God forbid you should ever become enlightened and suddenly realize that
the question is how to avoid boring draws. and your answer is to claim
they are exciting draws. Denial of reality is not a river in Egypt. that
is the Nile river. not denial. you have mental denial of the truth.
draws are almost all boring. just get rid of all draws and there never
will be another BORING DRAW.

well enjoy Dortmund. no one else is excited about the games.

( I know Anand won one game so far the rest being draws including today.
Karjakin Kramnik is still in progress. )

lets see. 4 days of 4 games is 16 games. 1 win 12 boring draws and 1
game in progress. wow. we should institutionalize draws. make it a part
of the constitution. a bill of rights to a draw. have all the
conservative bushites claim the right to a draw.


Looking for a real game of winners and losers.





Dr. Hangin's take:

     Charlie, don't be silly. I know where da Nile is. I went white water rafting there a few years back. It's a 40 minute drive from my house in New Jersey. Charlie, you sound like you are making steady progress. The electro shock treatments appear to be working. I am no psychiatrist, but I did take a class in abnormal psychology in college. Your symptoms indicate that you are suffering from a Nasty case of WithDRAWal. The main symptoms are that the player has trouble WITH ALL DRAWS.  The player is unable to distinguish between fighting draws and the no fight ones. The player becomes bored out of his skull. In the final stages of the disease the player with draws. The good news is we caught it in time, I think. I have the cure below.

   In Dortmund history repeats itself in round 4. Back in 1962 a young Bobby Fischer took on the black side of the Grunfeld Defense against then World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik. Bobby, at adjournment, had reached a winning position, but fell into an trap when the game was continued the next day. The world champion escaped defeat at the hands of a future world champion. Botvinnik  had help from a team of top soviet GM's led by Efim Geller, who worked all night to find the drawing chances.

     At Dortmund  Round 4 we saw the same kind of match up, the current World Champion Vladimir Kramnik vs. a future world champion Sergey  Karjakin.  Sergey was able to Karjakin Kramnik's queen for a bishop and a rook.  Sergey tried to grind down the world champion for 86 moves. However, Kramnik is not the 14th world champion for nothing. Kramnik extricated himself by sacking a pawn with move 44 ... b6, which allowed his G passer to jump two squares closer to queening. Kramnik held on for another 42 moves.

Charlie your treatment, replay these two  fighting draws, and call me in the morning.

 Botvinnik vs. Fischer 1962
 Karjakin vs. Kramnik 2004.