Another Proposal for the no effort draw -
Win, Lose, Draw or Snore

 I have another proposal for the no effort draw. It came to me after reading Nigel Shorts article on the no effort draw and the discovery of a new disease call Drawitis. I think a possible cure for this illness is to add another result to a chess game. Currently we have the win worth one point,  the draw for a half point and a loss for zero points. I think chess needs to add a new result for friendly prearranged or no effort draws. This type of draws should be dubbed the SNORE and the players should not split a point, but get the full value of a SNORE, which is worth 1. I think this bitter pill will be tough to swallow, but I think it will cure the disease.  It is certainly worth a shot.

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 Maurice Ashley's won the 2003 International White Knights  Trailblazer Award for his draw proposal