Anand wants to break the 2800 rating plateau


   Anand can break the 2800 but he's not using his full capabilities. I think Anand needs to use his clock better during play against top GMs.  The current world champion Vladimir Kramnik says that "time is precious when you don't have enough of it."  I recall reading the following quote from the book "The World Chess Championship: Kasparov vs. Anand by Raymond Keen, Anand says "chess is a fathomless so why bother to figure it all out."

      I say time is precious regardless of how much of it you have. In chess a lead in  time is a weapon, use it. I don't think Anand made good use of his time advantage over Kramnik at Dortmund. I recall that during one of the final classical games, Anand had a 50 minute time advantage over Kramnik.  I don't feel Anand used this advantage and the game was drawn.  I covered this in my piece called Speed Kills.  Anand also says he thinks a Kasparov vs. Anand match up is potentially possible next January or later. Fans would love to see that.