Al Toolbar saved by the Bell

6/21/2005 -

   I arrived at times squares ABC Studies for another exciting man vs. machine match. Many of the New York chess stars attend, namely Armand Rousso (Accoona host), Paul Hoffman, Frank Brady, the chess playing Shahade family of Mike, Greg, Jennifer, Pascal Charbonneau, Gata Kamsky, Lev Alburt, Mike Khodarkovsky, Ron Henley, MIG, and Fred Freidel just to name a few.   Accoona hosted another great exciting chess event in New York City. New York city sports commissioner Ken Potziba kicked off the festivities. This time it was FIDE KO champion, Rustam "Rocky" Kasimdzhanov against Accoona Al Toolbar chess program. It was an exciting one game match, with Kasimdzhanov making the first move with white. However with only one hour and 10 second increments per move for both side, this did not favor the human player. But let us recall that Kasimdzhanov is one of the best rapid players in the world today. He showed his quick playing skills at the 2004 FIDE KO tournament in Libya. He ousted all of the top seeds, namely Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Topalov, and Adams. Recently at Leon,  Kasimdzhanov ousted Alexi Shirov in a rapid match. Kasimdzhanov then gave Anand a close call during  their rapid match. Kasimdzhanov defeated Anand in one game and had his chances to take a 2nd one, however Anand proved he is still the greatest rapid player in the world and won the match by a 2.5-1.5 score.

    Today's play began when Kasimdzhanov pushed e4. Both players debated the closed Ruy Lopez. Both sides would castle kingside. By move 24, Kasimdzhanov had grabbed space in the center and the silicon beast had grabbed space on the queenside. Kasimdzhanov had wisely settled on a blocked position without a single pawn leaving the board. Kasimdzhanov piece were slowly massing for a kingside assault. On move 25, Kasimdzhanov jabbed his bayonet with g5, attacking both a knight and an h-pawn. Al Toolbar exchanged pawns with 25 ... hxg5. Kasimdzhanov responded by 26 Nxg5, this opened up the g-file for Kasimdzhanov's g1-rook. On move 32, Kasimdzhanov shocked the audience by going against conventional wisdom, that says you don't sacrifice material against the silicon beast. Back in 2002, World Champion Vladimir Kramnik learned that lesson the hard way against Deep Fritz in Bahrain.  On move 32. Kasimdzhanov sacrificed his knight by playing Ne6. The silicon beast quickly gobbled up this gift with 32.. fxe6. Kasimdzhanov responds with 33 gxe6. There was method to the madness. Kasimdzhanov had closed off the open e-file and dissipated the beast's queen-rook pressure along with it.  This sacrifice also opened the b1-h7 diagonal for whites bishop. Kasimdzhanov's e6 pawn also was a bone in beasts throat. By move 36, Kasimdzhanov had the beast against the ropes. Kasimdzhanov had doubled his rooks on the 1/2 open g-file. He also had a dangerous bishop-queen battery bearing down the b1-h7 diagonal. No human could defend against this tremendous build up.  However due to the short time controls, the silicon beast put up a very tough defense. Down to only increments, Kasimdzhanov had to accept a draw by repetition, only the bell could save the silicon beast. Had Kasimdzhanov had more time, he certainly could have hogged tied this silicon monster. This was an exciting but disappointing finish for this man vs. silicon beast encounter. It was an honor and privilege to watch Kasimdzhanov at work. He stayed seated through out the whole game, and occasionally looked away. Kasimdzhanov is very nice, agreeable person, However when it comes to his chess he is very confident and aggressive.

Hangin's interview with Kasimdzhanov:

 Hangin: If you had move time do you think you could win this position?
Kasimdzhanov : yes. I could have won it, but I was short of time.

Hangin: Do you think its time for the human player to have more time in these matches?
Kasimdzhanov : I had white, so that was good enough.

 Hangin: are you the 2nd best rapid player in the world after Anand?
Kasimdzhanov: probably

 Hangin: did you prepare for your match with Kasparov ? what were your chances of winning?
 Kasimdzhanov: yes I prepared for the match, I was optimistic. Unfortunately the match did not occur.


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