Interview with a Chef

The two most important members of the seconds of both teams just might be the non-chess players.  For team Anand this would be his wife. For the Team Carlsen this could be his cook. Magnusí chef has to minimize Anandís home field advantage. The cook has to reduce the effects of living in a different county, where the food and culture is very different.    I feel that this help could be a major part of the deciding factor of this match. Here are the questions I came up with.

1)      Could you introduce yourself to the world of chess fans?

2)       How did you first meet Magnus?

3)      How did you become part of team Carlsen?

4)      What are your cooking credentials?

5)      What is Magnus's dining schedule on playing days? And on Off Days?

6)      Have you created a special diet to heighten Magnusís playing abilities?

7)      Is there a special diet for games when Magnus plays with black or white?

8)      What does Magnus snack on during the game?

9)      What are Magnusís favorite foods?

10)   Are after game menuís based on result? Do you prepare something for draws, wins and victories?

11)   Can you share one of Magnusís favorite recipes?