2013 Chess World Championship Match

 After watching a video of the opening press conference in Chennai, India, I got the impression that Magnus Carlsen looks supremely confident for this match.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that about the Current World Champion Vishy Anand. He looked uncomfortable and tense at the start of the conference.   Magnus looked very at ease and at home.  Anand did not look at Magnus during the entire press conference. Magnus did glance over at Anand from time to time.  Magnus stated that in general he does well in tournaments. If he plays at the highest level, he can win, that is his mindset.

       Anand was not so confident. I got the impression Anand has not sufficiently prepared for this contest.  Anand stated that “I trained as I always do for a couple of months of time. I think I am well prepared, we shall see how it goes.  I feel ready to play.  I feel in a good mood”.    I think Anand is making a mistake if he trained for this match like it was any other match or tournament; after all he is playing against the greatest talent he has ever seen. After watching the opening press conference, I am certain that Anand, the current World Champion, will not bring the 9th Pawn with him.  Anand does have a talented group of seconds: Krishnan Sasikiran, Sandipan Chanda, Peter Leko (Hungary), and Radoslaw Wojtaszek (Poland).  Leko unsuccessfully challenged for the world title in 2004 against Valdimir Kramink. Magnus Carlsen would not say who is seconds are.  As far as Home Field Advantage is concerned, the match is being played in Anand’s home town.   However , the players are staying and playing in the same hotel, so I think  home field advantage should not be a major factor here.  Moreover   Magnus looks very at home. Anand definitely showing wear before the start of this third title defense.   A supremely  confident Magnus Carlsen has reason to believed he can win this match.  From everything I’ve seen and heard in the opening press conference, I have to say Magnus Carlsen won the opening press conference.   Advantage Magnus.